N.º: SO4001-4L

ETS 4 Lite software for KNX / EIB (single licence) + dongle (D,GB,F,E)

ETS4 is the latest ETS generation, directly following on from the ETS3 release. Very many improvements have been made in ETS4 compared to ETS3.

  • Caution: limited to no more than 20 products (sufficient for educational needs)

  • Support for all common 32-bit and 64-bit Windows® operating systems

  • Uses the latest Windows® 2008 Server components for the ETS4 database

  • Multi-monitor support (PC screens)

  • Automatic software updates

  • Import of KNX project/product data

  • Switching between various KNX elements such as objects and group addresses plus search capability

  • Separate tree and list searches

  • Integrated KNX device parameter dialog in ETS4 interface. Single-click “walk-through” option for all parameter dialogs

  • Separate administration of KNX bus interfaces for KNX monitors and ETS4

  • You can define your own “dynamic” views (e.g. devices with specific names or addresses)

  • Group addresses may be structured as desired, even with more than three levels

  • Uses complete 16-bit address space for group addresses

  • Project wizard for rapid drafting of building structures

  • Automatic software updates in background

  • Online project diagnostics for analysing wiring errors

  • Flexible KNX bus/group monitor with controllable display options plus new filters and trigger conditions

  • Display of bus load